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Thumbs Up for Rock & Roll

Friday & Sunday we are closed to celebrate: Happy Birthday Canada! Saturday: 10 & 11am Group Classes meet your mystery coach at China Creek Park beside VCC. Make no mistake, this will be the toughest and best hit of the week. Don't underrate it because it is an offsite WOD. You may not like it. You may not want it. But you need it! If you hit it hard you will be glad that Sunday is a day off. Warm-up: 2 Rounds 1 Lap of running track forward 1 Lap of running track backward WOD: Hill Repeats 8 rounds, rest about 2 minutes between each round. No Leaderboard. Odd Socks Sent me this and I love it because it is what I feel like shouting each time I manage to finish another CrossFit workout: Thanks for all the props this week. Have a great long weekend! Love Corey