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Thursday April 2nd - 5 x 5 HBBS

OK Ladies and Gents. I've been loving the low bar back squats for many reasons but do they transfer over well to our Olympic Lifting? You tell me? There was some good chatter on the Performance Menu Blog last month that got me working them back in to my schedule. see LBBS vs HBBS Neither is the "End/All-Be/All" so let's understand and train both of them.
Thursday's WOD High Bar Back Squat (5,5,5,5,5)
All sets should be heavy and difficult to perform. We should not see a big range between them. Probably somewhere between 75 and 85% of your 1RM. Get deep as your hamstring flexibility will allow while keeping a neutral spine position (stop before you see the posterior rotation of the pelvis). Some of the Differences High Bar. Weightlifters put the bar high on their traps on Olympic Squats. Just below the neck. Putting the bar high increases the distance bar to hips. This has several implications: More torque on your lower back. More upright position compared to low bar. Easier to squat deep. Hips & quads evenly emphasized. Less maximal weight. Better transfer to Cleans & Snatches. Easier for inflexible shoulders. Low Bar. Low bar is used by Powerlifters & recommended by Mark Rippetoe in Starting Strength. The bar rests below the bone on top of your shoulder-blades. Low bar decreases the distance bar to hips. Consequences: Less torque on your lower back. More leaning forward. Harder to squat to rock bottom. Posterior Chain emphasis. More hips, less quads. Greater maximal weights can be used.