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Thursday: Confess your sins: How much do you recycle?

NOTE: No 6pm Class tonight MADLAB is on A quick break from the Fashion Faux Pas week for another controversial subject: Recycling. I am not fundamentally opposed to recycling. In fact, in theory I quite like the idea. However, I often find myself rebelling against the fanatics, which has led me to drastic measures. The other day, I threw out a glass bottle at a coffee shop. I would have thrown it in a blue bin had there been one in sight. There was not. A man then tapped me on the shoulder and accused my of destroying the earth. As he rambled on telling me I was lazy and inconsiderate for sending glass to a landfill, I found myself grabbing a newspaper and deliberately tossing it in the garbage can. I don't normally throw newspapers out, but I suddenly felt compelled to act obnoxiously. Another time, I was on a first date with an enthusiastic recycler. When the waiter asked my date if he wanted the receipt for his bill, he said, 'No thank you.' But when he realized that Milestone's doesn't recycle 4 inch pieces of paper, my date went out of his way go back and ask the waiter for his receipt. Then he folded it and put it in his wallet, where it would collect dust until he eventually recycled it. I looked my date in the eye and said, "This will never work." The point is, extreme environmentalists undermine their own cause. It makes me feel like I have to balance the system out, and I find myself going out of my way to avoid re-using and recycling. Recently, I have eliminated tupperwear from my life. The pie chart below explains why. Thursday: Clean and Jerk Ladder Tech: Clean and Jerk (work on push jerks and split jerks) WOD: Clean and Jerk Ladder Do one clean and jerk every two minutes at the top of the minute - adding weight every two minutes - until you fail (men start at 95 pounds, women at 65 pounds. Add 10 pounds every two minutes). -Partner up and share a bar, each of you working on opposite minutes (ie partner 1 goes at 0 minutes, 2 minutes, partner 2 goes at 1 minute, 3 minutes...) -If your max clean and jerk is less than 185 as a man or 115 as a woman, add only 5 pounds every two minutes -Take as many attempts in one minute as you like **Once you are knocked out, start doing 10 burpees every two minutes until the last person in the class fails - Eunice