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Thursday December 19th 2019

20 min to complete sets of

A1) deadlift

- 5 @21X2 @55-70% of 1RM

A2) split stance single arm DB shoulder press

- 8/8 @3111 (load front foot)

A3) air bike

- 40s @150+%

20 min to complete sets of

B1) front squat, back squat or goblet squat

- 5 reps @21X2 @55-70% of 3RM/8RM

B2) single arm DB high pull

- 8/8 @3111

B3) rowing

- 40s @150+%

C) Accessory

2 min couch stretch per leg
8/8/8/8 banded elbow circles


- climb in weight and go by feel on deadlift and squat
- use weights during press and high pull that allow for the tempo to be hard but doable
- get row and bike numbers up as fast as possible
- RPE of 8-9/10