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Thursday: Find out what the curly-haired man in the corner is really up to

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the coaches’ office is now upstairs, taken over by the green and black that is TrainingFX.

And most have you have probably even seen the man who runs the little joint in the corner, Anthony ‘No Tone’ King.

But it seems most of you don’t have a clue what he’s up to in there.

Students ask me all the time, ‘What’s his story? What exactly does he do in there? Why is he never here to make me a latte with that cappuccino machine he is hoarding in there?'

Here's his story:

I’m going to be honest; when I met the guy I thought he was a bullshitter. Whenever there was a conversation going on, No Tone would ring in with some kind of anecdote. No matter what the topic was, No Tone had an answer. I could only assume he was one of those people who thought they knew everything.

But as time went on, I realized that he actually does have an answer for everything. And I’m not just talking in the realm of cycling, compression gear, and barefoot shoes.

Once, I was having car problems. No Tone chimed in, and the issue was fixed. A problem with the wireless network. Enter No Tone. Problem solved. Achilles rupture, landlord-tenant board drama, paint removal, city bylaws: No Tone to the rescue, over and over again.

Quite simply, No Tone is the guy who can answer the question: ‘How do I get gum out of my hair?’

The progression of No Tone:

No Tone read a book a day as an eight year old. By the age of ten, he had torn through his aunt's 24-volume encyclopedia set and was a regular public speaker at the local Anglican church. An avid singer, No Tone was recruited in elementary school by a prestigious music school in Toronto (St. Michael’s Choir School) after someone heard him sing O’Canada.

As for athletics, by high school, No Tone was an martial artist with expertise in Aikido, Karate and Judo, and an accomplished cyclist and skier. He also dabbled in spring and platform diving.

When he reached university age, his school of choice was Ryerson University. He studied human physiology first, and eventually electrical engineering. While in university, No Tone spent very little time studying. Instead, he was too busy learning how to play the snare drum, a skill he put to use when he served as a Lieutenant with the Canadian military.

After university, No Tone worked an extremely lucrative career in IT. But he was bored. His passion in life was to read and research. “I hate being manipulated by ignorance,” he explained. So to avoid this, No Tone has made it his business to eliminate all potential for ignorance.

This has led to his extremely well-rounded knowledge base. No Tone is an astronomy buff and computer nerd. He can play the violin, piano, guitar, and he blends his own teas. On a Sunday night, No Tone can be found at Raw Canvas painting a picture to hang on his wall. As he paints, and sips wine, you might find him conversing in either French or Spanish. He is deceptively one of our top male CrossFitters here at CrossFit Van. Check out the leaderboard: No Tone is consistently near the top every night. He calls his sexual practices "obscure," although Patty is convinced No Tone hasn't had sex in a decade. No Tone is also a proficient sailor and has flown gliders, and he’s a graduate of the International Sommelier Guild, making him an expert wine steward.

Let's put it this way: If you’re ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and have to phone a friend for help, make sure No Tone’s number is programmed into your phone!

No Tone and You

In his little store in the corner:

No Tone, who spends his days researching products, sells only products that work. Supplements, heart rate monitors, fish oil, compression gear, footware - when it comes to health and lifestyle, No Tone has the best products on the market.

As a Fit Expert, he’ll fit your bike for you, or your feet. A proponent of the barefoot shoe, No Tone sells Vivo Barefoot footware. He also sells 2XU compression gear: socks, tights, and calf guards. And recently, he started selling food from Organic Lives: granola, dried kale chips, and flavoured almonds.

He’s also managing the CF Van store for us, so if you want a t-shirt, or fish oil, or tape for your hands, No Tone is your man.

Visit his website for more details TRAININGFX


Warm-up: 1 mile run

WOD: Deadlift and Bench Press

5,5,3,3,2,2,1,1 of each (back and forth)

Leaderboard: Max bench plus max deadlift divided by your bodyweight