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Training Plan for Thursday January 17th 2019

A1) i) alt overhead DB press - start and finish overhead ii) single arm landmine press

- i) 5 sets of 10 alternating ii) 6 sets of 5/5

A2) seated L-sit variation

- 5 sets of 10-60s

A3) single leg med ball bounce pass

- 5 sets of 5/5

B) @RPE of 8/10 - 2 rounds - 1:30 on :30s off

- max reps i) alt DB snatch - 15-25% bdywt ii) russian kb swing

- max cal bike - @110%

- max reps double-unders or skipping

- max cal row C2 @110%

- max reps single arm DB thrusters - 15-25% bdywt

- max reps i) t2b or hanging leg raise reps ii) v-up iii) tuck up

C) Accessory

- 2 min kneeling hip rotations per side
- 2 min 1/2 kneeling overhead lat stretch per side


- choose L-sit variation that will allow you to sit in hardest position possible for less time rather than easy for longer
- goal is to complete the same number of reps of each exercise in each round
- choose midline variation in B) that allows for the most time under tension possible