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Training Plan for Thursday June 7th 2018

A) 15 min to practice complexes of

- 6 single arm DB/KB deadlift
- 6 single arm DB/KB hang power snatch
- i) 6 single arm DB/KB push press ii) 6 standing windmills

one round R then one one round L

B) every 90s for 15 min (10 rounds)

i) 5 push press
ii) 5 DB push press
iii) 5/5 split stance landmine push press

- add weight every other round

C) for time

- 2 min max cal row C2

D) 1 round

- 15 slow dislocates - narrow as possible
- 2 min couch stretch per side


- adhere to green-yellow-red light prescription
- no failed reps in part B)
- offset stance in landmine push press
- part C) is an all out effort