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Training Plan for Thursday November 5th 2019

A1) inverted practice or plank hold

- 3 sets of 15-60s

> green light) handstand practice
> yellow light) pike hold or wall walk
> red light) straight arm plank hold

A2) farmer carry

- 3 sets of 60m @30-40% bdywt per hand

A3) chin over bar hold

- 3 sets of 15-60s - add weight as needed

B) 25 min to complete rounds of

- 10 strict push up variation
- 20 weighted sit ups - plate
- 30 reverse lunges - plate
- 40 skips or double unders

C) Accessory

2 min dowel sit
10/10 bent arm dowel rotations


- adhere to red-yellow-green light in A1)
- aim to complete all sets of farmer carry without stopping
- add weight to chin over bar hold only if able to hold for 60s unweighted
- aim to move at 7/10 pace for all of part B)