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Training Plan for Thursday October 24th 2019

A1) single arm DB front rack alt forward lunges

- 5 sets of 10 left arm 10 right arm @45% of 8RM g.squat

(complete 8RM goblet squat if needed)

A2) strict pull up variation

- 5 sets of 3-10

A3) barbell bicep curls

- 5 sets of max reps, capped at 20

B) 5 min to complete max reps

- 8 wall balls @4-8% of 3RM front squat
- 24 skips or double unders

rest 1 min

- repeat

rest 1 min

- repeat

C) Accessory

- 5 wristies
- banded elbow circles 


- aim for little rest between arms during A1)
- use pull up variation that is one harder than you can complete 5 sets of 10 at
- aim to get as close to 20 reps as possible in 1 set while adding weight as needed during A3)
- start from beginning each round in part B) and aim to get the same score each round
- RPE of 7/10