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Thursday Overhead Squat Workout - Note MadLab Starts Tonight

***Please note morning class time changes. Classes will be Monday to Friday at 6am and 7am, and on Tuesday and Thursday there will also be an 8am class.*** image As Patty said last week, MadLab is back. This year we are having two divisions for this 6 week tournament. Game time is 7pm on Thursday nights. 3 person teams. 4 round robin weeks, semi finals, and then finals. We will have an elite division (those who are Crossfit Games hopefuls and/or a minimum fitness rating over 25) and an open division for the mainstream (the lifeblood) of the school. You should have a filled out fitness rating sheet to join, if you have most of the scores then you can venture a guess at a few in order to fill out the rest. For those of you who do not have many of the scores to fill out a fitness rating but still want to play, you should enter 3 scores to join (Helen, Cindy, and CF Total) and leave the rest as the default values as described in the spreadsheet. Everyone should print a copy of their sheet and bring it in for 7pm. If you do not have the fitness rating sheet and need it - email Patty or me I can tell you from my first MadLab experience that it really takes things up a notch. Everyone competes hard and has fun. If you're on the fence, then I encourage you to take the plunge! On to today's plan: Warmup: 5 minute ladder of wall balls and KB swings Tech: Hip Mobility - Band Saddle Stretch followed by the Burgener Warmup (see "more here" below for more on the band - saddle stretch) Workout: OHS 10 sets x 10 reps Take a step up in weight from last week and keep those shoulders active and strong. Maintain the same weight for all 10 sets. Leaderboard is the highest weight completed for all 10 sets x 10 reps. Dan and Andy Band Saddle Stretch: Today we're going to work on opening up the hips a bit before getting into the burgener warmup and then finally the overhead squat workout. Start by finding a bit of wall space and lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet against the wall like you are in a deep squat with the wall as the floor. This is the saddle stretch position. Accumulate about two minutes in this position then start up and walk it off a bit. Next grab a band - the green, medium large band works best. Wrap the band around your back and then loop the ends of the band around each knee, as shown in the photo below. Move back into the saddle stretch position with the band on. image Now spend 3 to 5 minutes alternating contracting into the band and relaxing. Gradually try to move your feet down and to the outside, and try to make your feet point vertical instead of ducked out. image Stand up, shake it off, and get ready for Burgener's warmup and then to go big on the OHS!