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Thursday: Prof Time

There is a CrossFit Level 1 certification at our school all day Saturday and Sunday, so there won't be any classes on Saturday and the Sunday 5pm is pushed out till 6pm. HOWEVER, come out and do a Wreck Beach stairs WOD in lieu of Saturday's classes. Meet at the top of the Wreck Beach stairs out at UBC at 11 am on Saturday. Post to comments if you're coming, please. Simon Fraser University Professor Tony Leyland has been a staple at CrossFit Vancouver for years. He is a wealth of knowledge, and can do some pretty amazing tricks for an old guy. Here he was in his prime back in 2007.   Tech: Push Press (5, 5, 5) - Figure out your workout weight WOD: Games Open WOD 12.3 (my apologies for programming box jumps two days in a row...) 60,000 plus people across the world will be doing this WOD in the next few days. Hit it hard, and see where you stack up on the worldwide LEADERBOARD. 18 minute AMRAP 15 Box Jumps (24/20) (same as last year's Games standard) 12 Push Press (jerks are accetable) (115/75) 9 Toes to Bar EUNICE