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Thursday September 9th

Tech: Lower Body Speed Work 10 rounds of Box Squats at 50% 1rpm back squat 2 reps per round Coaches make sure everyone gets their hips waaaay back and that each rep is done fast and explosively with excellent box squat form. If athletes cannot correctly perform the box squat or cannot move explosively lighten their load! WOD: Burping Baby Every Minute on the minute for 15 mins: 5 Power Cleans (Pick your poison) 10 Burpees Your score will be the weight that you complete all 15 rounds of Power Cleans at. Fight Football OK, I’m not saying this is a good idea or suggesting that any of us should take it up as a hobby but I refuse to believe that I am the only person sick and twisted enough to find this sport more than just a little bit compelling: