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Thursday - Time to Total it Up!

The traditional Big Man Night! Sorry HPC Crew but if you want to do this one you'll have to make it up on the weekend. It's time once again to test your power-lifting prowess with... CrossFit Total Arnold doing the deadlift! Max 1 rep Back Squat, Max 1 rep Shoulder Press, Max 1 rep Deadlift. Score is sum of 3 lifts. Now a couple of housekeeping rules. You have one hour, that is 60 minutes, to complete this workout plus a warm-up of the coach's choice (try to give everyone at least 45 minutes of lifting time, 15 minutes per movement). If you finish before 60 minutes are up I suggest taking the opportunity to stretch. Warm up each movement. You then have 3 attempts for each movement; these attempts must be declared beforehand. For example, if I declared my first back squat at 175 lbs, second at 185 lbs and third at 190 lbs I cannot then try 195 lbs and scratch my first declared lift. There is an element of strategy involved and knowing your own limitations. Other than that have fun with this one! - Kermit