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So, if I haven't exhausted you yet this week, not to mention killed your shoulders, then come on down for more punishment...err fun! This workout came by request from a couple of students I chatted with and I think it happens to be a great suggestion. But before we get to the workout for those of you who need your gymnastics fix look no further than today's technique. Technique: Parkour movements I found this great video that introduces a lot of the most basic vaults and tricks used in free running. Makes me want to start climbing walls and stairs If you guys want to try out some of these movements then set up some of the boxes or benches but please be careful I don't want to hear of any injuries. For those of you who aren't quite ready for this yet not to worry you can practice some bear crawls, spiderman crawls, two handed vaults, etc. Workout: 1 rep max deadlift. Warm up accordingly and go for a new max. -Kermit