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Thursdays Workout/Nutrient War-Machines Thoughts

The flab challenge is coming to an end. Make sure that you sign up for the second scan (sign up sheets on the bathroom door) and get your Fran, Murph, and Max Front squat in to be able to see in correlation between your body compensation and performance. To facilitate this Tomorrows workout (Thursday) will be a max front squat. Friday will then be a make up day for those of you who did not have a chance to do murph, fran or max front squats and then Saturday we will throw in a fun team event. Now in regards to the Nutrient challenge ... people need to realize that this was an unplanned experiment that spawned out of a disagreement between me and patty. Am I glad we started it? FOR SURE, its been a good learning experience for everyone involved and it has been great to see so many people jump on board and start thinking of making some pretty big changes in their lives (some more than others). What I am even more impressed by is the performance gains that people have made. But, I am fully aware that these performance gains are due to more than just diet. There is a reason why so much nutrition research out there is complete crap and that is because people jump to conclusions without considering the interrelationships between numerous factors (many of which are unknown). Humans are complex creatures and even if we were able to control all factors of our team members lives (sleep, stress, learning curves, extra efforts and pavels etc.) each of us is different. There is no such thing as a one size fits all model for nutrition. Just because eating clean as defined by Team Machine Rules has made a difference for me, Carli, Dave W, Max, Erkle, Jenn, Sonja, Sean, Dan … does not gaurantee that it will produce results for patty, lumber, girly or anyone else. Nicole Carol gave me the best nutrition advice early in my Crossfit days and that is that you cannot rely on what anyone else says, the best test subject is yourself. I encourage everyone to make use of the nutrition resources that Sack and I are going to be putting up on the site over the holidays and learn as much as you can to be able to make your own informed decisions and find something that works for you. All of us coaches are hear to help you do that. To conclude I am going to leave you with an excert from the Pre-reading material for Rob Wolfs Nutrition cert that Sack and I will be attending next weekend: I think it is safe to say that the people who are drawn to CrossFit and its affiliated specialists are people who are looking for the BEST. The best training, the best performance, the best health possible. That being the case, the question of nutrition inevitably arises and it is hoped that the best nutritional recommendations are made. For many communities, even beyond CrossFit, that nutritional answer of answers is the Zone. The Zone is the genius of Barry Sears and it is waiting with open, warm, non-judgmental arms, ready to bring you in regardless of your food preferences, so long as you partition your slop into the Golden Ratios of 40-30-30. It has been put forward that cottage cheese and a snickers bar can fit the bill for Zoners. Now obviously the Zone recommends “good” carbs like veggies and fruit, but if we are about Elite Fitness and the health that should be associated with that fitness, is an anything-goes Zone really the answer? Is that the best we can do? We can infer that we indeed want a complete “fitness”, and since nutrition—the molecular basis of health—is the FOUNDATION of an optimized fitness regime, we should want the very best nutritional strategy we can find, especially if our definition of fitness includes ALL parameters of health. If that is indeed the case, then before we start slicing and dicing our food into exacting proportions we need to have the right stuff on the plate. Grains are not among those things. We can be apologists and try to be all things to all people, but much like the argument that too much power lifting or long distance running will hamper your overall fitness, so too will consumption of foods that are at odds with health. This is a long introduction to what is destined to be a longer paper on grains: what they are and what they do to us when we eat them, especially if they take a prominent role in our diets.