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Tico Bear - 20 rep max back Squat

image Our beloved T-bear pictured here with his arch nemesis (The Tico Bear) won a close battle for the title of "Best Midget Surfer" in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. T-bear dropped in on a fast moving 8 foot a-Frame and scraped the face to take down his Costa Rican equivalent. The Tico- bear was magnanimous in defeat. All he could say was " Fat Guy Good" and promptly drank 8 Imperial and 3 pilsner in 2 hours, then left after flipping the bird to Darth Erkel (Who didn't buy him a round). God Speed Tico-Bear Thursday's workout: Popeye's 20 rep back Squat Max Do what ever it takes to prepare you for this one then bite off as big a wad as you can chew. 20 back squats with the most amount of weight you can handle. Don't burn out before hand.....get this one hit and walk out of the gym....even if it is at half past the hour. No running, rowing, or doing situps after....Just warm up do a 20 rep max and then leave.