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Member Focus - Tinkerbell

Hey Gang, meet one of our most senior Tribal Elders: James ‘Tinkerbell’ Alexander.

James has a sweet pair of tear-away warm up pants, likes EDM, married a Belgium girl, and refuses to give up on his grunge era workout shoes.

He trains anywhere from 6a to 730p.  Usually, book-ending long days spent helping others.

Despite the busy schedule James always shows up with a smile on his face.

You’ve been with Madlab Vancouver for the better part of a decade now. How have you been able to manage the stresses and strains of hard training for so long?

"I’m in this for the long-haul. My focus has shifted to the stress management and longevity side of things — more-so than setting deadlift PRs or sub 3min Fran times.

This focus has made me more resilient and durable.

How else could I have made it through so many years with a gym-name like Tinkerbell?"

Where did the nickname come from?

"Shout-out to my buddy Colm, and old coach Charlie Palmer who always commented on my silent box-jumps: 

“He’s light on his feet folks! Light like a fairy – like TINKERBELL!”  

And the name stuck, much to my chagrin".

What keeps you coming back?

"Madlab has been changing my life over the last nine years – one burpee-box-jump at a time.

In the early days, it was the sense of camaraderie in group classes that hooked me. 

That, and the blood, sweat, and tears we shed along the way.

But I quickly learned the positive atmosphere and the physical outlet were doing great things for my ability to cope with stress, emotional upset, and mental exhaustion.

Improving the ‘bounce-back factor’ from life’s stressors.

I operate a private practice with my wife (focused on clinical counselling), and the importance of having a physical outlet for managing stress is a frequent point of discussion with my clients.

The military had taught me about this concept originally, but Madlab Vancouver provided a tangible example of this in practice".

Where can people find out more about what you do?

"My wife, Lynn, and I recently opened the Aster Wellness Centre.

We offer a comprehensive & holistic approach to health & wellness for people mending a variety of injuries.

Our consideration is that while the body may require physical rehabilitation, the mental & emotional components of recovery are often under-served. 

Aster provides a variety of services to accommodate all of our recovery needs; counselling, massage, osteopathy, and nutritional services - all in one spot".

You can find more information at


James is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (specialising in stress, grief & trauma repair), a military reservist, and all-around stand-up guy, who’s coming up on his 10 year anniversary at Madlab Vancouver.

— And we’re lucky to have him.