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To the Games we go: Eunice's take from the sidelines

  I didn’t know I could have so much fun watching other people compete. There was a lot on the line at UBC this weekend. Unlike last year, where twelve teams from our region qualified to California to the CrossFit Games, there were only two spots available this year. And the competition would be much stiffer than last year. The first event was a rowing and handstand push-up event. Bradleah was the first to start her handstand push-ups. She obviously followed Patty’s pre-competition advice: “No sex for you two newly weds for an entire week before the competition.” Sexually frustrated or not, B pretty much put on a clinic, busting them out faster than I personally have seen her ever do. Kermit followed suit, and same thing. We got to the handstand push ups in fourth or fifth place, and suddenly we were in third. After this event, the entire CrossFit Vancouver crew kind of breathed a sigh of relief – we knew we would be able to contend. Whether we could come top two, we still weren’t sure, but we knew we had a chance. Then event two came around, and contrary to popular opinion, it turns out Andy has in fact been working on his thrusting motion. While most of the competitors were power cleaning, resetting their feet, and then going for the heavy thruster, our Urban Monk squat cleaned and thrustered every single thruster of the workout, in one fluid and consistent motion, saving him both time and energy, one after another after another. There were only two athletes left in the event who hadn’t been knocked out yet, so all eyes in the building were on our Monk, who at the age of 35, thrusted 255 pounds over his head, the most of any athlete in the competition, in both the team and individual competition. We were in second place going into the second day of competition. After this, team member after team member stepped up. Saturday morning was the Brown Owl’s time to shine. Once again, the Monk did his part killing the competition on his deadlifts and box jumps, and then the Brown Owl did more than hold her own. She stayed calm and stuck to her game plan to lift the 185 pound deadlift in three sets of seven. No problem. Barely resting on the box jumps, the Owl competed with a strength that morning that we didn’t know she had. It was unreal to watch. Event four: Seamless. The team had 250 chest to bar pull-ups to get through. The Afghan, Lumber, B and Kermit had a plan. While most other teams busted out a ton of them when they were fresh, but then tired fast and started to fail, our team took the conservative road, holding 5 chest to bar pull-ups at a time for the entire 250 pull-ups. Boom. Second team to the kettlebell swings, where Lumber figured out how to do speed kettlebell swings. Next up – the double unders, notoriously CF Van’s nemesis. Not this day. The Afghan and the newly weds ripped them off with ease. Chris Schaalo from CrossFit Taranis came up to me after that event and said, “Since when did CF Van learn how to do double unders?” Fuck yeah we did! And then our men, Lumber and the Afghan, were by far the fastest males of the competition at busting out their overhead squats. The fifth event was Kermit’s time to shine. The itty bitty Kerm was slightly concerned because she’d have to squat snatch her personal best snatch over and over again in the workout. But the muscle ups were first. Andy continued his dominance, doing all 9 muscle ups in a row, and then Kermit completed her nine muscle ups faster than any other female competitor. On to the snatches. With Andy there to coach her, one by one, Kermit hit snatch after snatch after snatch. In the end, Kermit got through 16 snatches. Here’s my challenge to you: Try snatching your max. snatch 16 times. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s pretty unbelievable what Kermit did that morning. I was brought to tears. We were so safely in second place going into the last event, behind CrossFit Taranis, that we didn’t even need to show up to the last workout and we still would have qualified to the Games. I’m so proud of this team. From performances to watching the way this team’s chemistry flowed together, was completely uplifting. ** Also, a huge shout out to the Afghan, who organized so many logistics for this team. From e-mails to registration, to pumping the team up, to planning workouts and training times, to a whole bunch of other not so fun tasks that I’m probably forgetting, Dan, your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. To the Games we go!!! Eunice