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To the parents out there: Are your toddlers consuming more sugar than you thought?

Though we're all super conscious of our sugar intake these days—and are probably extra diligent when it comes to our toddlers—a new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that 98 percent of toddler-aged kids (as well as two-thirds of babies) are taking in added sugars every single day. 

More specifically, the research found babies consume (on average) 1 tsp. of added sugar a day, while toddlers are gobbling up close to 6 tsp. daily. For what it's worth the American Heart Association suggests children under 2 do not consume any added sugar (in contrast to natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables).

This, of course, was an American study, so take it with a grain of salt. Maybe we're doing something healthier on this side of the border? That being said, maybe not...

In this study, some of the biggest culprits for sugar included yogurt, baby food snacks and sweet bakery products, as well as drinks. 

Now I'm not a mom and certainly no expert, but just babysitting my niece and friends' kids, I have learned kids are PICKY AS F***, and it's so easy to give in to giving them sugary foods, if the option is they don't eat at all. And considering I'm an aunt, and not a mom, I enjoy being the cool aunt who brings my niece gummie bears as a treat here and there.

So with that being said, parents, start a dialogue: What tips do you have for other parents to get your picky eaters eating healthier foods without added sugar?