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Today you have 100% of your Life Left

Chello's 205lb Press and Roar! WE LOVE COMPETITION and the moments that people create when they walk through our door. They are priceless, enjoyable, and keep us all creative and purely energized. Chello called out Melrose today for a push press showdown and Chello collected a six pack in victory, exceeding our expectations once again. Last week his deadlift max increased over 27% to 405lbs. Big things come after we see these gains. I expect Chello to breakout and play hockey at levels that he may have never been acustomed to. We all must remember that we are not prisoners to a specific routine. Bring challenges to us and they will be settled on the crossfit floor. A new PR (personal record) is always within everyone's reach every day you step inside our box. The activity on the board is up and we are definately seeing movement on the Top 10 slots. I love it all. There is a new challenge to Shepherd for a Science Ball Run Showdown. See if you can spot the new challenger?