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Todays Workout- Dyanamic Cindy / Can exercise make you fat?

After some sprinting Sunday, a long grinder monday and some hill runs yesterday, todays workout is a short and sweet metabolic hit. I call it a dynamic cindy, but feel free to find a more fitting name: # of rounds in 12 minutes 5 clapping pushups 10 Jumping Lunges 5 kipping pullups and for your reading pleasure, I found a cool article from the archives of Robb Wolfs site that is quite relevant to some of the interesting results that people have received from the flab challenge. Here is a exert from it: " In the first posts I mention that exercise will not make you lean, that you need to control insulin via sound nutrition and only then will you get the leanness you want. Now Im not focused on food but am looking at exercise making people … fat? Toby, I don’t think ANY amount of food tinkering will bring that bodycomposition down. I think you are getting too much volume and likely too much intensity of exercise. I’m going to take a big leap ( not really ) and say you are likely under slept (6-7hrs/night max) as well. If we did an ASI test on you ( adrenal stress index ) I suspect you would have some wickedly elevated cortisol, and as a consequence, poor insulin sensitivity. You have your body in a fight or flight mode and the main causitive factor is too much exercise. Id be willing to wager inadequate sleep as well. Here is what Id like you to do:"