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Tony Leyland Says "Quality Matters!"

Tony Leyland has written another fantastic article. This time he is discussing the importance of quality in regards to calories and exercise. "I am comfortable explaining why I think CrossFit is an excellent training regime, but I try not to do it in a negative way by criticising other regimes. After all, if you look around and see the amount of obesity in our society it is rather silly to be overly critical of someone else’s exercise regime. If people are out there moving and trying to improve their functional ability then they are far ahead of most people in our society. And in truth I think a lot of people doing really good things for their health, but could perhaps do better, have been only given part of the story. So it is even crazier to be critical when they haven’t been given the correct information. There are many examples of where CrossFit is a superior training regime but for this article I will focus on quantity of exercise. I think too many in the health and fitness industry focus on quantity of exercise (and food) and pay little attention to quality. One obvious example is weight control, where most “authorities” in the field have used the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) and the energy balance equation (EBE) to promote low-fat diets and long steady endurance workouts. The EBE quite simply states: Change in energy stores = Energy intake – Energy expenditure This equation must be correct in the simplest sense due to the laws of physics. However, despite the apparent simplicity, the interplay between the variables in this equation is complex. Most weight loss programs have simply (and wrongly) treated energy intake and energy expenditure as two independent variables." Read the whole article here in our website's Exercise Science section Tuesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Warm up your back squat Workout: We've done this many times. Its a great hit. For Time: 30 Body Weight Back Squats 1000m Row There is no 7 pm class on Wednesday because of the Apprentice/Coaches meeting. Hugs and Kisses, Shep