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Tony Leyland Testimonial (Professor Burns)

image I am 51-years-old and I know a bit about this field as I teach physical conditioning at Simon Fraser University (have done for 25 years). I have always played and coached sports that have a high intensity anaerobic component to them (i.e. soccer, tennis, squash, and rugby). From my reading of the literature and "on-field experience" I always maintained that high intensity was the key to a successful program. I also knew that my sports provided great conditioning, but not enough on their own. I had to lift weights, I had to be stronger. But I always failed to sustain my strength training programs and only seemed to work on flexibility after my latest hamstring pull (funny how that works). I would do my three sets of 10 reps for 8-10 exercises; I would even add variety by super-setting and designing circuits. But the variety and nature of that training was not as stimulating as my beloved "sports with a ball and an opponent". I was then asked by the new director of my university department to review the CrossFit Foundations article (which is free to download from the CrossFit website at Crossfit Foundations. Well I may be 51, my knees may hurt from soccer, and yes Ibuprofen is vitamin I to me; but I was like a kid in a candy store reading that article. Here I was reading exactly what I believed to be true from my knowledge and experience. CrossFit is an incredibly creative and effective program. I thought I knew what variety was until I found CrossFit. I was mistaken. One of my favourite quotes from the CrossFit philosophy is "strive to blur distinctions between "cardio" and strength training. Nature has no regard for this distinction". If you're in this gym you're in the right place. Tony Leyland Senior Lecturer School of Kinesiology Simon Fraser University Saturday Workout: 1 minute of Split Jerks (95lbs/45) -1pt 3 minute rest 1 Minute of Split Jerks(135/70) -3pts 3 minute rest 1 minute of Split Jerks (155/80) -5pts 3 minute rest 1 minute of Split Jerks (185/95) -8pts 3 minute rest 1 minute of Split Jerks (205/105) -12pts 3 minutes rest 1 minute of Split Jerks (225lbs/115) -17pts Decided to scale the women's weight at about (had to round up) 50% instead of 60% to see what happens Have a great Long weekend. We are closed on Tuesday. We will be going to the parade to pay our respects to the soldiers who died for our freedom. Maybe we will see you there or at a legion for a few respectful pints afterwards.