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Tools to help your nutrition & data logging

So I'm pretty impressed with a couple nutrition tools I've started to use again.   I just want to check in again (a lot more deep than WLC) and see where my situation is.  There is a lot to these two free tools.

The first, - what Robb Wolf recently said

 "Seriously, this stuff is amazing! You guys with an engineering background are dismantling the bullshit in a stunning fashion. You have picked up the torch and have just taken it to amazing places."

So this one gets you started with a food analysis, then a health fingerprint then gives you foods and recipes to optimize your nutrition.

Sign up here:

Within that process you'll enter your information, situation and go thru these prompts below.  

At which the end you can enter your food log from Cronometer.

Sign up for that one at

Enjoy the tools, and don't get caught up on the BMI analysis portion they give you.  WE know that's crap.