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Track Meet

image When The Pup's team won the fall Madlab, there was a big huppla of congratulations that followed. It was recently pointed out that Lumber's team was lost in the shuffle of the Andy Nutts Day and CrossFit Games preparations that they didn't receive the same attention this spring when they dominated the MadLab tournament. Huge belated congratulations to Lumber, the Duke (who dominated the Tabata Thrusters on the last night), Kermit and McLobster for owning the most recent MadLab series. Saturday Class is at 11am only: Track Meet Warm up: One lap of track Tech: Broad Jumps I recently went to a Bobsleigh Canada tryout and one of the tests they had us do was a two-footed bounding test. Here's how it works: With both legs together, the athlete will take 5 continuous jumps forward - jump off and land on two feet. The cumulative distance is measured from the heel of the back foot, after the 5th landing. The best way of achieving this was to rebound immediately after each jump as opposed to pausing to gather yourself. Leaderboard will be your distance in metres. 3 attempts each. According the Bobsleigh Canada, the following are the standards for excellence. Entry Level: 11-12m (Men) / 9-10m (Women) Development: 12-14m (Men) / 10-12m (Women) World Cup: 14-15m (Men) / 12-13m (Women) Olympic: 15-17m (Men) / 13-14m (Women) Can anyone hit World Cup or Olympic standard on this? WOD: 12 Minute Team Continuous Sprint Relay In teams of four, space out evenly on the track -approximately 125 metres legs each. Sprint to your next team member, tag them, then they take off and tag the next person. How many laps can your team do in 12 minutes? Make sure you warm up well for these sprints.