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Training for Function is More Powerful than Vanity

image When’s the last time you heard a professional hockey player (or any elite athlete) talk about reducing body fat, getting “cut”, or increasing the size of their pecs in an interview. actually would be quite ridiculous. Instead, they are focused on things like stamina, speed, strength, power, accuracy, endurance.  These “pillars of fitness” are the foundation of function and athleticism – and are universally applicable for living a strong, healthy and vital life. For an athlete, changes in their body are a byproduct of training and conditioning for their sport - the interesting thing is about 99% of the time, they look great!  Having a reason to train outside the context of “looking good” makes all the difference.  At Crossfit Vancouver we focus on personal bests and top 10 gym records, not large (or small biceps). This pursuit of performance makes all the difference. Insted of worrying about the size of your ass, you chase the one in front of you and VOILA.....your ass will look great anyway.