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I had a spring in my step!

Meet Aimee. At MadLab since early 2015 and not only has she noticed a physical change in herself but a mental change! That is what MadLab is about makig your WHOLE self better!

Aimee is one the happiest and humble people at MadLab. She is competing in her irst In House MadLab Tournament and carrying her own on her team! Way to go Aimee! Keep stepping out of your comfort zone!

Aimee's Story:


Having  been away from Crossfit style training for about 3 years it was time to get moving again. I was slowly turning into a circle and feeling yucky both physically and mentally.

Sheppy had the task of getting me back in form enough to join the classes. It was like being hit by a bus attending the the first few classes once I had finished my PTs. Not finishing workouts, feeling sore for a week after one or two classes that week was brutal. Over the weeks and months as I got back into the swing of things, I was feeling stronger physically and I had a spring in my step.

I was feeling more focused mentally in many areas of my life. Scheduling my work around my exercise was what I had to do in order to become more consistent in my training which I saw as a great form of self-care. One of the things I like about the classes is seeing absolutely everyone around me bust themselves for the short time we are all there. Regardless of each persons fitness level, seeing everyone around you finding their second wind to keep going to squeeze out their last 5 burpees is so encouraging. 

The level of coaching and training delivered during the classes is great, making small tweaks here and there often making big differences. Having the coaches check in whether it be by text or singling you out to ask where you have been (although mortifying when I have been having a bit of an absent blip!) made me feel like I was part of the 'community' and was yet another form of encouragement that I found helpful in getting me to attend MadLab more consistently.

Certainly feeling stronger both physically and mentally has had a positive impact in many ways in my life, not just at Madlab. Long may it continue!