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MadLab playing a critical Amielle's life

Meet Amielle - A MadLab Tribal Elder and local business woman Entrepreneur. 
Amielle's MadLab Story:
I don't know how much MadLab has transformed me but it has played a critical part in my life.
I look at it as always keeping me "in the game"
Whether it was working through personal relationships, business challenges or injury, coming to MadLab when I can is an important constant for me. It's fun, it's hard and it's rewarding. Not to mention it has kept me fit time and time again after some physically tough chapters  (like pregnancy and shattering my leg).
I am super thankful for the community and love that it's a joy to go. It's an easy way for me to ensure I will have a great day. I only wish I could go more often but life is a juggle.
Amielle and Coach Andy