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Don't Let INJURY stop YOU!

This is a bit of a different #transformationtuesday story. 

Alana "ShowPony" Shaw broke her toe in October but that did not stop her from coming in and training. Mental toughness is something many people struggle with and when you get injured it is easy to just give up. But Alana pushed through and actually TRANSFORMED a specific movement but also her mind set. That is a huge accoplishment.

So remember Transformation Tuesday is NOT just physical, what things are you transforming in your life through MadLab?

Alana we are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to those around you and you should be really proud of yourself! 

Alana's Injured Toe Journey:

In early October I broke my toe in an unfortunate toe stubbing accident.  I was really disappointed because it meant I had to miss out on the annual MadLab tournament for the second year in a row due to injury. 

But with the help of the coaches at MadLab I was able to maintain my regular routine of 4 classes per week and found plenty of things that I could still do even while wearing a boot (and it wasn't all assault bike even it it seemed that way sometimes). 

I decided to make the most of my time on the sidelines and finally learn how to do butterfly pull-ups.  Six weeks ago I could barely string 2 reps together, but now after practicing that skill 2-3 times per week I am easily able to do sets of 10 and I feel as though I have accomplished something during my time off! 

My advice to others suffering from injury?  Keep coming in, ask for help and set some new goals!