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Being the change in yourself

Meet Caleigh - About to hit her 3 Year anniversary at MadLab and she has come so far! Not only has Caleigh gotten fitter, healthier and stronger. She has come out of her shell and accepted her body for how amazing it is! Caleigh has even done some competitions this past year!

Caleigh you and your family are a JOY to have in the community. Thank you for inspiring others! 

Caleigh's Story:

I have done sports all my life and loved them.  Unfortunately when I became a teen I was made to feel that my body structure was not quite what I should want; a lot of talk about what activities I should to to be sure I did not gain too much muscle and try to keep my thighs smaller.  I got very obsessed with massive doses of cardio, always trying to do more and more.  I started triathlon after I had my kids, and although great, it was just a good excuse to do a lot of exercise.  

When I found MadLab initially I would skip workouts that did not have much of a killer (what I defined killer to be) WOD and that only focussed on weight skill.  I was still about quantity and certainly not about quality or goal setting particularly.  I also continued to do lengthy bouts of cardio on top of it. 
I loved madlab right from the start, but I would only do the 6 am classes and I basically hid behind Vince and Chris, not really talking to anyone.  Caron kind of forced me out of that and then Kim, and I realized how much fun it was to have friends to workout there with.  When Mike joined I started branching out in terms of the classes I went to and met more and more people and liked it even more.  
Slowly I started realizing what an asset my muscles were and I started to love how strong I was and what I was able to do.  I mean come on! I am 42 and I can do pull-ups, rope climbs and handstand pushups!  Pretty cool.  I have learned that the way I am shaped is pretty awesome and my body can do pretty awesome things because it is strong.  I have also started appreciating all types of workouts and I try to set goals for myself.  I try and slow down and work on my technique and not just muscle through things to do more quantity.  
I still have trouble with quantity and still do cardio, but less.  And it is not unusual on a Sunday for me to now just focus on a strength skill and skip doing a WOD altogether. 
MadLab has made me appreciate myself, who I am, how I am built, and what I can do.  It is one of my very happy places and I am grateful for it.