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MadLab Client Transformations

Chloe has been at MadLab for about 4 years and she has come a very long way both mentally and physically. 
In the last 6 months I have really seen Chloe blossom. She has committed to her training and has been able to let go of something that was holding her back. I don't know what it was but boy has it only excelled her in many ways. Chloe we are so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself! 
Read Chloe's story below
I've been at MadLab for about 4 years now, coming up... and let me tell you, it's been a journey and a half.
I came to MadLab because I had come from a place of competitive horseback riding, I grew up riding horses and working on farms and so I was naturally always fit and active with out ever going to a gym. When I gave that up, I went through a few years of emotional turmoil.
Being active and fit seems to have always been my outlet for stress and my emotions, and I no longer had that. A friend of mine who had been before was adamant that it was for me. It took some convincing, but I was spiralling downhill and was ready to try anything. So I did, and it was the best decision of my life. I couldn't even do an air squat when I first walked in. I'd never played sports or done anything but ride, so it was so foreign to me. I loved it though,  I loved the coaching, I loved the community and now I'm proud to call it my second home and hopefully my career.
Physically, I'm stronger now then I have ever been and am continuing to prove my strength over and over with my recent join in the development program. Emotionally, I have had a place to call home and a family to encourage me when life comes crashing down. Last year especially, I lost my best friend to cancer and with that, I dropped down to 115 pounds and had completely stopped eating, sleeping, training.... if it wasn't for MadLab and the community there, I'm not sure I would have come out of that as strong as I did.
And mentally... it keeps me sane, which I know you all know I'm a ball of emotions and I where it on my sleeve. Society doesn't have a lot to offer us in the way of stress relief or healthy outlets. We are glued to everything technology, and humans aren't made for that. Here I get to mentally test myself constantly and push myself to limits I otherwise never would.... and you just can't put a price on that. All of this is why I would tell anybody to come to MadLab. From ages 12-92... it's all relative and it's all welcoming.
There's no other place in the world like it. 
I started at 21, 112 pounds, and couldn't even squat without weight. I'm now 25 years old, 140lbs of solid muscle and have a 3 rep max back squat of 180lbs and am getting stronger everyday.
This is my happy place.