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CJ - The best RMT & awesome MadLab member


CJ has been at MadLab School of Fitness for 8+ Years from client to apprentice to coach and now the RMT of our Prehab/Rehab. (book with him at the link)

CJ has 3 children and a beautiful wife that he works hard to care and support. He cares so much about his family and his profession. CJ has transformed into a man who knows how to look after his body, and care for those around him! 

The coolest transformation we have seen with CJ is his journey to becoming an RMT. He is now a fully registered RMT and has been working at 3 locations for the past 2-3 years.

Anyone who has had a treatment with CJ will tell you he is professional, caring and will help you with whatever you are going through. CJ understands what movements we do at MadLab and how to best tailor a session to get the most out of it. He also sets you up with a long term plan you can use in classes and at home to avoid injury. 


CJ's Words:

The people and the community keep me at MadLab. We are a large collective of individuals, whom, under normal circumstances wouldn't be able to have the amazing mixture of crazies to eccentric to introverts to loud-mouths to strong-silent type individuals to be cohesive and familiar with each-other. We are not a normal community. To have such a large spread of personalities and individuals is much more like a family.

What I love about being an RMT is being able to work with motivated individuals that are willing to be accountable for their health and make a change. It helps me feel more appreciated knowing that I'm not the only one making an effort to help and improve their life.

CJ is one of the hardest working at MadLab. He trains diligently and always puts in the time to do accessory work. CJ keep us accountable!