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Dan Shea - Jokestar & Professional Stuntman

Have you met Dan Shea? He is MadLab's professional stuntman! 

"Dan Shea is the funniest and best circle question answerer in the gym. If you want to to get him talking, which can be hard to do at times.
Ask him about what's he's working on. I got that little tidbit from his daughter.
Dan comes in works hard and puts his head down. The guy might be a little kamikaze at times but he is a staple in the community".
DAN thankyou for making us see the fun in every and each moment, you bring so many smiles to everyone at MadLab and this place would NOT be the same without YOU. 
If you've ever paid attention to the understated humour of his circle question should check out Dan's blog DAN SHEA BLOG

Dan's Transformation Story: (enjoy a laugh)

Before MadLab I used to dress in my wife's + daughter's clothes + my Grammas support stockings she wore for her varicose veins. I also wore a lot of makeup. A lot!
I used to sit at home + watch Mary Poppins + La Cage aux Folles over + over again on a loop.

Since MadLab I exclusively wear wrangler jeans + cowboy boots + I'm presently attempting to grow a Smokey + the Bandit moustache. My craving for porn has diminished substantially and I now sit at home watching reruns of Oz + Gladiator. I hardly wear any makeup, except a little mascara + a smidgen of base.