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One big happy family & I can’t get enough

Darcy around for just over a year now and the light she brings into the room is infectious!

Darcy is the kind of client a coach loves to have. She has her sights on the long term and on getting better each and every day. Even when she had a minor accident with a mechanical bull (not enough bull riding practice in the gym apparently) she was still eager to get in the gym and workout. 

No excuses. That's my favourite thing about Darcy, hands down. 
Darcys Words:

Madlab f*@king rocks.

It was super intense walking into the gym, I remember it vividly… I felt so out of my league but I wanted in. I didn’t know if I could do it but I was sure gonna try.

20 PTs later and I’m allowed into my first class. Baby steps.

3 months later and I’m rocking it. Getting into the swing of things. I don’t need to squat on a box anymore. I’m a big girl now.

6 months later and my friends want in. ‘Darcy’s crushing life’ they say. ‘Darcy got jacked’, they all want some of that sweet kool aid I’ve been brewing.

1 year later, I’m friends with my coach, I’m friends with my classmates, and my friends keep on coming. It’s one big happy family and I can’t get enough.

I love it, you love it, we all love it.  Now, let’s go do some burpees.