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MadLab Client Transformations

#transformationtuesday - Emily Beers 


I have known Emily for about 7 years. Not only is she an incredible friend and co worker, she is one of the most empowering women I have ever met. 

I have been around for many of Emily's ups and downs in her fitness career and dreams and I am proud of the person she is today. 7 years ago she would have struggled with some of the things today she can accept and overcome.  

Emily takes the time to look deep inside herself and find resources that have really helped transformed her Mind, Body, Soul and outlook. 


Thank you for inspiring so many around you each and every day Em.


Below are links to a few stories Em has written that show how amazing this lady is! 

How training for a marathon left me less fit a little pudgy injured & grumpy from poor sleep

For all those who attach their self worth to their ability to do thrusters, pull-ups & muscle-ups

Own your score regardless of where you are at