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Another ThrowBack!

Fernando Mata-Piche

It was not about weight loss or getting fitter for Fernando rather his transformation was about changing bad habits in his life - Congrats on all that you have achieved. 

Looking back at my life before MadLab: I know I had some pretty bad habits, friends who were an unhealthy influence, and a general frustration with the way my life was going. Focusing on my progress at madlab would soon dissipate these destructive elements and patterns. I felt I could overpower those elements because deep down I knew I was destined for great things, and more than capable of achieving them - yet I was pissing away my potential. At the time I was also struggling with bouts of PTSD and a bad case of existential crisis that had me questioning the validity of every action in life.

Now, I can look back and tell a story of growth and development as a person and athlete, and I know I'm not the only one. 5 years on, and I have achieved things that seemed so unreachable. I someone who is realizing their full potential. I dumped the bad habits, I became all-round happy and stoked with my life, and I no longer have PTSD except for the occasional nightmare. Although there have been many humbling moments during my journey so far, I've always looked at them as room to grow.

I am as excited as when I first walked through that door that says 'leave your ego at the door' and the feeling of strength I have now is immeasurable.