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MadLab has become a big part of my life

Meet Ivan. A new Tribal Elder this year! 

Coach Tbear describes Ivan as: If I was to have a model client or needed an experienced mentor for a few newbies he would be the one.  He’s coachable, polite, and even though being nicked and banged up a bit he accordingly adjusts his intensity and movements accordingly.

Ivan, we are so excited to see you become a Tribal Elder this year! We all love you and the kind energy you bring into MadLab! We are so happy you found us and that we have helped you in some big life changes! We also really enjoy watching your journey as a DAD! 


"I walked through the blue doors about five and half years ago. I was a skinny, marathon running, vegetarian of ten years.  I was looking for a change to break up the monotony of running for hours on end, and after researching CrossFit couldn’t wait to check it out.

On my first day, the class workout was Cindy and I remember seeing men and women side-by-side, swinging from the chin up bar, sweating hard and working non-stop.  Everybody’s positive energy, camaraderie and fitness was immediately apparent and I wanted in.

Today, I’m certainly stronger and fitter then I was. I’ve also developed a much greater awareness and appreciation for efficient movement that comes in handy in all life’s activities. I’ve found that my training isn’t just about physical changes - working your body also trains your mind.  With the encouragement and energy of likeminded folk working beside you, a workout takes you to emotional limits as well as physical.  For me, that mental strength has translated into increased confidence, resolve and happiness throughout my life.

While I’m still happy to see running in the workout of the day, I’ve now given up vegetarianism and taken up hunting. MadLab has fundamentally changed my diet and hunting is now my source of organic, free-range, protein. This year I successfully filled the freezer with a Moose– harvested with great care and awareness of life’s significance. 

Over the years the workouts have changed and I’m no longer interested in redlining every single day. Luckily, MadLab has adapted too and we’re all better for it.  

I look forward to working out and seeing friendly faces every time I walk into the gym – it has become a big part of my life and being part of this community means a lot to me"