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Physically the most optimum I've ever been

Met Jon - A MadLabber for 4.5 Years. One of Coach Tom's first ever clients. 
Words from Tom

Jon is one of those guys who does an excellent job of flying under the radar. Jon is exponentially stronger but he is also much more co-ordinated, controlled and believe it or not, flexible than he was when he first walked into the gym.

He comes in, works hard and knows where his opportunities for growth lie. We have developed some specific strategies for Jon over the course of his time at the gym, and although he has had a few very small set backs, he has been regularly been attending the gym two to three times a week for the last four years. 

Longevity is the game and Jon plays it well. 

Words from Jon 
Around five years ago I was walking home. There was a chain barrier between 2 posts about half a meter off the ground and I was compelled to hop over it but I stopped, realizing I wasn't sure if I could jump that high and that freaked me out. When I was a kid, running around, playing outdoors, you know your limitations pretty well, and it had just become clear that I really had no idea anymore, that I'd disconnected from my body as a desk bound adult.
Around the same time, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. So the double whammy of wanting to re- reconcile mind and body as well as mitigate inflammation and stress through a clean healthy life and avoid gnarly meds with non-trivial side effects led me to searching for a new (to me) way to exert myself, as I was profoundly bored with traditional weighty-lifty workouts and cardio drudgery.
And, much like  a previous transformed tuesdayer, my naturopath recommended a paleo(ish) diet, and my research into that led me to crossfit. It was my profound laziness led me to MadLab - it was the closest to home ;)
Lucky for me it happened to be the best, ha. 
So what's transformed in the last 4 1/2 years? Well I'm physically the most 'optimum' me I've ever been at 45 years of age.
Parts of me that I'd injured in the past rarely cause pain anymore. I crave good food. I manage stress better than ever, so my gut almost never flares up.

Plus I *like* going to MadLab, I look forward to it; any other gym etc has been a chore where I thought i had to just 'make it a habit' whether I liked it or not. And I believe the amazing coaching attention coupled with very quick and noticeable positive results has made it something I get excited to do. And hey I can jump over fences with confidence.