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Kate is a Tribal Elder and one of the most committed people. Whether its work, friends, family or her health everything is a priority!

The biggest transformation I have seen is mental

Nearly six years ago, I was a chronic perfectionist with zero athletic ability. I quit gym class after tenth grade, tired of being picked last.   I had never stuck with anything active longer than about two weeks.  It was too hard for me to keep at something I was bad at.

Today, I am still a chronic perfectionist, but I am both physically and mentally stronger.  I have the mental toughness that it takes to push through something that I don't excel at.  The moments when I am alone with the barbell and the reps sitting in front of me prepare me to push through whatever life throws at me outside the gym. And it always helps to have the support of an amazing community cheering me through both the tough workouts and the rest of life's challenges and accomplishments.  No one gets picked last at Madlab.