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At MadLab you can overcome your fears!

Words from Katie:

My transformation took a twist at Madlab. After having plateaued in more traditional exercise classes, I was confident that joining those crazy crossfitters that my body would transform while shredding pounds and I would feel "skinnier."

What was not on my radar was the mental transformation that was occurring.

Through the amazing coaching at Madlab I'm learning the difference between working out and training. I'm learning to be comfortable with comparing my progress to myself instead of those around me.

I had always presumed that competitiveness was trying to out perform others, and now I understand it's trying to out perform myself, time and time again.

Training with Emily has been a great experience! She has an uncanny ability to take elite athlete strategies, break them down into beginner basics, all the while making me feel like an elite athlete during our sessions.

I feel more comfortable now moving towards strength instead of skinniness....bring on the GAINZ!   


Words from Katie's Coach Emily 

Katie has been amazing from day 1 because right away she bought in and was 100 percent committed. She is the client who goes home and watches videos about the movements she just learned and comes back more polished. You don't have to tell her to remember her numbers.

Katie understands that monitoring her improvement will help her achieve her goals faster. That being said she isn't in a rush. She's refreshingly patient.

Over time it has become apparent this girl is also incredibly funny and creative... her circle question answers are top notch!

When Katie arrived 4 months ago, she was scared of a 12 inch box jump. Look at her rock 20 inchers today like they're nothing...