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Positive Life Changes at MadLab

Meet Ki
At MadLab for a Year now she has been able to enahce her life outside of MadLab. Her coach Tbear said the following: 
"I had a blast training Ki, she was fun, witty and always quite humble during her training. She seems in a really good place. Always smiling a lot.

I think she's pretty gutsy now as I've seen and head about her crews weekend adventures downhill riding all over the place.

She must be balancing her worklife, weekly workouts and her active lifestyle very wisely."
Here is what Ki said about her time at MadLab so far:

MadLab has helped me overcome some mental and physical hurdles. 
Training has drastically reduced chronic headaches, and and building strength has allowed me to enjoy so much more functional fitness in daily life. Most importantly, training has enabled me to gain confidence in my body when doing other sports that I love.
I was able to ski so much faster and harder this past year, and I've managed to overcome my fear of mountain biking rock faces! Not only can I ride the rock now, I have the strength to lift our heavy bike rack onto the truck.
I'm looking forward to building on what I've gained so far and seeing the results in my everyday life.
Ki - Thankyou for brining so much energy, joy and positivity into our community!