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Kirby - I've come a long way

Kirby is always cheerful and witty. Kirby has worked hard to understand the movements and trains hard every time she is here! Kirby has definitely gained a lot in her physical strength and fitness but she also finds a way to keep it fun! 

"I joined MadLab over 2 years ago and it has been a gift that keeps on giving!

I am in no way meant to do this type of training but when 2 goof ball friends said they went to a place called MadLab, I figured I should give it a try.

My coach Shep has been a huge reason I continue to go. He has always been gentle with me, is so caring and has a playful side that makes me relax when I'm there and not take it too seriously.

I'm pumped to say my bone density is in the 80th percentile and I credit MadLab for my swift recovery from kidney donation surgery last summer. I'm always in last place but compared to where I've started, I've come a long way"