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MadLab Client Transformations - #sheisme


This one is a little different BUT it is very heart warming and shows some of our MadLab Ladies in a beautiful light.'

As many of you know Caron is a constant on social media user! And we love her for it.

Caron shows show much truth in her journey and has encouraged others around her to do the same. Caron empowers the men and women at MadLab and around her to LOVE themselves and their bodies.

MadLab has helped many people in their transformations. Whether big or small, physical or mental they ALL MATTER! The coaches love being help to help you all to live a better life! 

I share this story today so you can all be empowered, Thank you Caron.

 Shout out to Caleigh and Kim! 


Carons message

"As you know I am constantly on social media and one the reasons is the fact that I rep for a brand called Grrrl Clothing.  What drew me to this brand is the fact that they not only have super cool workout clothes but also the fact that they are a big part of the body acceptance movement.  
Having been every size from a 16 to a size 4 I have always struggled with maintaining a positive body image, so I was drawn to the way this company does business.  From doing away with conventional sizing and using different sized female athletes to correspond to clothing sizes, to refusing to use Photoshop in their advertising - Grrrl clothing is committed to making sure every woman knows that she is beautiful and to banish stereotypes and competition amongst women and to fight for equality.  So when Grrrl Clothing asked me to represent their brand I jumped at the chance.

One of the latest campaigns is called #sheisme.  Each girl was assigned a boudoir type photo to recreate using real women and of course, no Photoshop.  Check out #sheisme on Instagram and you will see so many brave women putting themselves out there, embracing their bodies and proving that they are equally beautiful in their own right. 

Wanting to participate but do something a little different, I picked a more athletic photo to recreate and recruited my dear gyms wives, Kim and Caleigh, to participate.  Over the Christmas holidays we took some photos and this is what we came up with.  We shared this photo as a part of the campaign to showcase our strength and our solidarity as women. 


Madlab has been one of the few places in life that it does not matter if you are male or female – all athletes here are celebrated.  And for that we thank you"


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This is a little snapshot of Caron - Top pic learning to clean and jerk with 45lbs and bottom pics hitting 120lbs with a PR of 130. 2 year journey to get here and so much more to learn but I can't wait to put in the work and see the results