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Landon has been working really hard for the past few years to make it to the Masters Online qualifier and this year he did it! 

Anyone would be in better shape from one year to the next if they trained as much as Landon does. And are as determined as he is. 

Here is what he said Transformed him to get over that hump and make it!


This was my third time - but I got hurt last year and still almost made it.  I got over the hump because of the focused training - could not have done it without Tommy (this cannot be discounted - his involvement).  Andy helped with conditioning. Qualifier training is more intense - more work.  Tom almost killed me on Thurs.

It's changed me in the sense that it's satisfying to move on and compete against the other 199 guys because it's very discouraging to do the Open and suddenly be finished - not move on.   

I'm not there yet to make the Games this year but next year I believe I will be.


April 20th - 24th Landon will be doing the online qualifier at MadLab and we wish him all the best!