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Building Confidence at MadLab


Meet Leah - Chronic Knee issues held her back but now after almost one year at MadLab she can do most movements and knows when to be cautious! Leah it has been great watching you overcome the knee pain and issues! 


Leahs MadLab Journey so Far: 

For most of my life I've always had issues with my knees, especially my right one. Frequent dislocations led me to be overly cautious in the types of activities I would try.

I was reluctant to do anything too physical and was even worried about lifting and carrying things that were too heavy. 

Two years ago, after a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, I had surgery to rebuild my right knee and ligaments.
After a 6 month recovery I was looking around to try the new knee out! I got into cycling and started doing 50-100km rides and spin classes but I felt like I wanted to ramp my fitness up even more.

Living near MadLab peaked my curiosity so I decided to take the plunge and try it out.
Chesty has been a great and encouraging coach and has taught me a lot about recovery and mobility (and pacing myself).

Since being at Madlab, I've felt more confident in myself and what my body can do. My wife and I recently went on a day hike together and for the first time I wasn't scared of falling or hurting myself as my knees no longer hold me back.