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Overcoming Injury at MadLab

Meet Maemi. 
At MadLab since May 2015. A quiet young lady who has really overcome her knee injury since being at MadLab. Maemi comes in and works hard and pushes herself to her limits whilst staying safe from re-injury! 
Read her Story:
When I was 16, I ripped part of my knee cap cartilage off. The doctor said that I would never be able to take part in any sport that wasn't swimming.
He also told me that squatting was not going to be something I could do, even if it was to pick something up from the floor, and that my knee ligaments were just too weak to handle any running.
I stopped doing sports for 6 years and then decided to give a different type of fitness/sport a try. After 2 years at MadLab I can SQUAT, JUMP ROPE & RUN!
Thanks to Andy and the people in the 7 am class, I've been able to get back some of that competitive spirit I had before my knee accident. I cannot imagine where I would be if I wouldn't have joined MadLab, so thank you!
I have so many goals I want to accomplish now! Also, I think that if it weren't for Sebastian, I would've quit a long time ago. He is definitely the one that pushes me to be better and try harder.