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Building Foundations to reach my goals

Meet Marcus.

Coach Tbear described him "I think Marcus is one of the most committed and nicest guys in there but he may not be the most attentive he seems to take direction usually after the second time.  He's well-known to say "ooooh, ok, yah oh OK yeah that works a lot better". but all kidding aside the guy is making great strides and has huge potential. Great to have you at MadLab Marcus it been awesome watching you make changes and keeping on growing and learning" 

Marcus's Story: 

"I started at MadLab November 2016.  At that point I’d been sitting in front of a desk for the past 5 years and was itching to get back into shape. Having practiced martial arts for +7 years I had two criteria for my workouts:
1) A great coach
2) Workouts that were varied, challenged agility, and built strength.

I called a few CrossFit locations and what stuck out to me about MadLab was the emphasis that was placed on building the right foundations to reach my goals.


In the beginning, my goal in joining MadLab was just to “get fit”. This took me down a path which showed me that my lifestyle needed some tweaking. The end result was a complete lifestyle overhaul! By this I mean the hours of sleep, food consumed, people I hung out with, and the way I looked at life. I found more energy and more passion in what I did which in turn, allowed me to accomplish even more both in and outside of the gym.

 Some closing thoughts about MadLab. The MadLab community is fantastic, the people are warm, social, and exude positivity. Going to a MadLab is the highlight of my day!



1. When did you start? Nov 2016

2. How did you find MadLab? Online, I spoke with a few gyms on the phone MadLab stuck out as wanting to help me reach my goals the correct way.

3. Why do you stay? A few reasons

The Community:
Everything from the gym, people, and weekly blogs!  As the “new guy” there’s one thing that really stuck out to me in my first week, just how much people smiled and welcomed you!

The Programming:
Coaches switch things up and keep your body guessing! The Townhall meetings are fantastic, coaches are always looking for ways to adapt programming based on our feedback.

The Classes & Extracurriculars:
I love the flexibility in classes, I can have a random schedule and still know that there’s a 6am or a 7.30pm class waiting for me.  I also love the extra programs and activities outside of class like Project Cardia, MadLab 10.0, and beach day