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Within 10 minutes I was ready to join up.

Meet Mark aka Merk. Joined MadLab in the fall of 2015
Mark embraced the community aspect of MadLab from Day 1. He immersed himself in classes and community events so he got to know everyone and have a place that felt somewhat like home after his move to the West Coast. Mark is coachable, likeable and can laugh at himself which is something not everyone can do. He works hard and gains come from his perservance and also just a willingness to put in the time knowing it will happen when it does. Mark thankyou for choosing MadLab! 


Marks MadLab Journey:

I was a member of a Crossfit gym in Ontario for a couple years prior to moving to Vancouver, I had excellent coaching, programming, great facilities and an incredible community.  I was looking for a place in Vancouver that would meet my high expectations.  I visited and tried out five Vancouver Crossfit gyms and then I reached out to MadLab (which in fact was the first place that I had wanted to visit).  I met with T-bear for a one-on-one and within 10 minutes knew that this was the place I was looking for and was ready to join up.
I moved to Vancouver in the late summer of 2015 and joined MadLab shortly thereafter.  The move was a bit of a bold one, as I did not have a job lined up and I was looking for my first job as a newly called associate lawyer.  While I was on the hunt for a position, I joined MadLab and the physical and mental stress of trying to establish life in Vancouver was wiped away everyday that I came into the gym and trained.  The community was very supportive and I was surrounded by positive people who helped to keep me motivated until I landed that first position.  MadLab and the MadLab community helped keep me sane and continues to be the place that I can come to on any day of the week and walk out feeling inspired afterwards by not only my performance, but by the people who I am surrounded by.
I love being fit and everything that comes along with that in all aspects of my life, I enjoy the programming and working to improve myself as an athlete and one day I might even get double unders. The coaching is excellent and once in a while I even get a Tompliment. And of course the community of fun and passionate people from such a diverse spectrum of the community who I get to train with and everyday.  Also, winning MadLab 2016 and finishing in 3rd place at Nutts Cup with two great teams. 
It also does not hurt that I have improved my performance across the board in the lifts and movements we do and continue to PR and surprise myself at what I am physically capable of.