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2017 A year of Health & Fitness.

Meet Nathalie Michaud. 

Started at MadLab in June 2017. Nat was new to the area so googled the CrossFit gyms nearby and made my choice based on the impressive reviews that clearly conveyed this gym was different from the others. 

Words from her Coach Chesty: 

Nat moves around a fair bit, so it feels pretty special when she decides to stick around. So grounded for someone who owns zero furniture.
Our time together was uncensored from the start, which means I never had to sugar coat our conversations, or excuse my french.
She knows her success is through persistence and consistency. 

Nat has dedicated 2017 to her year of Health & Fitness and it has truly paid for her. Nat is has been a blessing to have you at MadLab and we will miss you as you move away. 


Nats Story:

At the beginning of the year, I decided 2017 would be milestone year, a year of health and fitness. I first started going to a traditional gym but my progress was slow despite all the effort. It’s in March that I discovered CrossFit and started eating Paleo. 


Simply put, this changed my life for the better! I so far lost 60 pounds, built more muscle mass, feel stronger and more confident than ever before! And each time I go to a class, I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement. 


Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I went to a few different Crossfit gyms before joining MadLab in June 2017 and right away noticed a difference. I was impressed by the size of the gym and quickly realised that what made the real difference were the high quality of the coaching and that an effort is put to help members connect through the “question of the day” and special activities.

As I am still fairly new to this, my technique is still very much a work in progress so I really appreciate the regular feedback and tips to help me get stronger and fitter in a safe way and to make sure that there is progress. A big thank you to the MadLab team, my coach Chesty and, of course, all my MadLab peers for your support!  

Unfortunately, I am moving again in December but rest assured that the next time I return downtown, I will go back to MadLab!