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Maintaining an active lifestyle keeps me sane

Meet Rachel a Tribal Elder who started August 2010. 
As Sheppy said "Rachel's commitment to her fitness and well being is impressive. She continually shows up, works away and brings a smile with her. We are lucky to have her as a long standing client and friend"
It has been amazing watch Rachel as a new Mum and also seeing Willa integrate herself into the community. Thanks for all your support Rach! You smile and friendly nature is the best! 

Rachels Story: 

My friend Solo and I met Matt (Eagle an old apprentice coach) at a bar.  He and he was going on and on about CrossFit.  At the time I was running and doing yoga but looking for a change so we came in to check it out soon after that.  After about 20 PT's I finally graduated (and cried in the bathroom).  I convinced Fred (my husband) to join around a year later. 
Maintaining an active lifestyle keeps me sane, happy and confident.  MadLab is great because of the variety of workouts and because of the community.  It has also been fun to participate in a sport with my husband Fred!
I'm not the athletic or competitive so I don't do any of the team sports that he loves.  We both love being active so its great to have something that we can scale and do together. 
Because of the scalable nature of MadLab workouts I was able to keep attending the gym for most of my pregnancy.  Keeping active throughout pregnancy definitely made it easier to come back after.  In fact, I ended up coming back earlier than I anticipated because I missed it so much and because I was able to have Willa join me for classes.  I have absolutely loved being able to bring her to class and she loves the energy and all the friendly faces.  I don't know of any other facility that is as family friendly and its amazing!